Become a lost fighter on desolate planet where droids are waging war. Raid enemy facilities and take them down. By causing havoc on enemy line scavenge materials to rebuild home of your kind, your very own ancient temple.


VR game focused on fighting with laser sword. Slice your opponents to pieces as well as the surrounding. Deflect incoming projectiles and throw your enemies with your powers! Rebuild your destroyed temple and become master again!

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Fight with various types of enemies using laser sword. Slice them to pieces as you want. There is no limitations and you can slice through everything! Master your fighting skills and see how your “Style Meter” is growing!

You are powerful fighter with ability to throw enemies and stuff across map! Smash your enemies with heavy boxes or blow up blackades from your way!

Deflect enemy fire with your blade! There are two different techniques for different behaviour with different mechanic. Master your dodge abilities and rise your fighting style even higher!
Select locations for attack on randomly generated map. Each time you play there will be different setting of locations to conquer. Make your choices by many strategic factors like difficulty level or value in resources.

You have access to fallen temple of your kind. It is in ruin but you can rebuild to its fully shape and establish there a base for operations. Many objects are destroyed but you can repair them with resources from missions. Rest there and prepare for battle.

By completing locations you are able to scavenge useful materials. The more destruction you will cause the more resources you can get. Burn them to the ground!

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